Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to be fit or have any past experience to join?

Absolutely not! We have a huge variety of ages and abilities in our classes and you can do things at your own pace. Kuk Sool Won™ syllabus is set out in such a way that it is safe for beginners and all abilities.

What should I wear?

For your first class just wear baggy trousers or shorts and a t-shirt, such as what you would wear to the gym. We provide you with a free uniform if you sign up for classes so avoid buying anything specifically for your first class.

What is the cost?

Your first class is free. If you decide to join us we can discuss payment and cost.

Are there grading fees?

There is a fee for grading. Although most people choose to keep testing and progressing, this isn’t mandatory and you won’t be forced to grade in order to continue coming to classes.

Do I need to buy any extra equipment or uniforms?

You are provided with a uniform if you become a member. Kuk Sool Won™ does involve training with some weapons and equipment which you may wish to purchase for yourself eventually, but we have equipment to borrow so it isn’t a requirement for class.

How do I get my next rank?

You must have good, consistent class attendance, you must know the material of that rank, both to your satisfaction and your Instructor’s satisfaction.

Can I keep my rank from a different Martial Art?

Unfortunately no, the Kuk Sool Won™ syllabus is different from any other Martial Art as it has many different elements that other Martial Arts do not have

I did Kuk Sool Won a long time ago, can I keep the rank I have?

Once you have earned a Belt in Kuk Sool Won™, the Belt is never withdrawn. Ideally take your Kuk Sool Won ID Card which shows your current rank, we will review with you all the material that is required for that rank. Once you have caught up to where you left off, you will once again continue to progress to the next rank.

Do I have to practice sparring?

We do not force anyone to practice sparring or to be hit if they are not comfortable with it. Sparring is however a great way to learn how to effectively use what you learn in class and can be practiced in a very safe and light-contact manner.