Well that’s another UK tournament over for the year.

KSW Westhill went down with 9.5 students(Baby Isla being the .5, she is 8 weeks old!) 6 competing.

The weekend started with the national testing on Friday morning.  KSN Richard in his last testing for promotion to 3rd degree(PSBN) and JKN Malcolm assisting Masters in testing of black belt candidates. Testing is a students time to shine and strive to show not only physical ability but attitude and mindset.

KSN had a tough 3 hour test, covering every aspect of the syllabus from white belt to 3rd degree.  He was testing with many of his friends and people he has tested with throughout the years, it is this family spirit that make Kuk Sool Won so unique and enjoyable.


KSW Westhill had a very successful tournament starting on Friday night with KSN Richard competing in 6 divisions and gaining medals in 2.

Saturday morning was the turn of the rest of our students to compete, all together we won 12 medals and each of our students can be very proud of what they achieved and represented the school at the highest level.

Saturday evening was promotion and Masters demonstration time.

The events started with the promotion ceremonies, there were some 150 people promoting ranging from first degree (JKN) all the way to fourth degree (SBN) level.  This is a very important part of the weekend as to many in symbolises all their hard work and efforts to get to this point, it is also unique as we are one of the very few martial arts that one man has given every black belt their belt personally!

PSBN Richard was awarded a personalised certificate and a new black belt that is 50% wider than a normal black belt, this symbolises that he has now become a professional martial arts practitioner.

Then followed the 2017 Masters Exhibition and demonstration.

This showcases Kuk Sool Won in its full, demonstrating each aspect of the most comprehensive martial art on the planet. From open handed forms called hyung, to weapons to self defence techniques.

Both PSBN and JKN were part of the demonstration team and took great pride in being able to demonstrate their skills.

It Was a fitting end to a brilliant WKSA weekend with our Kuk Sool Family and roll on the next one!